Natural Remedies for Pilonidal Cysts without Surgery


If you do a job that involves long hours of sitting and you feel a dimple-like abnormality in your buttock area, the bad news is you are likely to get a pilonidal cyst. While the cause of the appearance of the pilonidal cyst remains controversial amongst experts, the most accepted reason is believed to be rooted in loose hairs that penetrate the skin.

Our body senses this kind of hair as a foreign substance and sends signals to the immune system to react by forming a cyst around that hair. It is also believed that a sedentary lifestyle, sitting in one place for too long a day, family history, or even being overweight can also make you more prone to get pilonidal cysts.

These pilonidal cysts cause you nothing but an inconvenience. At first, you might not feel any noticeable symptoms except a dimple-like depression in your tailbone or coccyx area, but when it becomes infected, you can suffer from pains, redness and swelling, pus, or blood draining from the abscess, foul smell.

In some serious cases, the infection spreads and walking and sitting would be more difficult than it should be. A doctor should be consulted.  Surgeries and prolonged treatment are needed in order to prevent infection and reduce the size of the cyst if you have severely suffered from it.

However, in some mild cases of pilonidal cysts, you can use some natural home remedies for pilonidal cysts in minimizing the occurrence and heal the cysts more quickly using the pilonidal cyst natural treatment. Listen to this video to learn how to dissolve a cyst naturally. 

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