Yoga has been prevalent nowadays. So many people are engaged in it. Most of them say that there are many benefits that can be gained from the practice of Yoga. Flexibility is one of the so many advantages acquired in practicing Yoga.

With so many positions, a person may enhance his or her own physical well-being. Some say that it acts as a cleansing exercise that lessens the pain and offers a degree of relief from certain disorders. While some others say that it is an extremely effective form of exercise.

Through the various yoga asanas or positions, one can establish and experience an amazing improvement in the flexibility of some parts of the joints, tendons, and ligaments.

In addition, some researchers have found that various yoga positions can carry out certain processes together creating harmony. When this harmony is attained, developed flexibility is achieved.

Furthermore, research has revealed that diverse yoga asanas are one form of activity that rubs down and massages the organs and internal parts of the body which results in enhanced well-being and very good health.

Moreover, these different yoga asanas promote improved blood circulation and allow the optimum supply of blood to go to various parts of the entire body. With all of these, there is a complete detoxification process that occurs.

Little by little, this exercise aids in washing out and cleanses the body as time goes by. As a result, aging is deferred plus an extra amount of energy is released which gives a refreshing feeling. Practicing the different yoga asanas, the muscles are not only exercised but also nurses back their strength. The muscle that was weakened and had become lifeless comes back into its original nature.

By engaging in Yoga, repeated stimulation occurs, thus, improving the flaccidity of the muscles. Moreover, the muscles of the body are healed and toned during the process.

Another thing is, Yoga serves as an enormous form of contemplation and reflection which helps in balancing the activities in the nervous system. People who practice it often say that they have improved their health and well-being through mediation and performing Yoga.

In addition, it is a tremendous solution to the reduction of stress. Since it is a form of slow exercise together with a controlled breathing exercise, it promotes a relaxed feeling or eases stress.

There are many known positions that can be performed when practicing Yoga. They are all trouble-free and efficient body movements that help increase the vigor of the back and firm the muscles in the stomach. It also fosters and improves stamina and endurance.

Common yoga positions are also known as asanas.

It is the Sanskrit name for yoga poses and positions. It is a very effective and efficient way of meditating and reflecting. In Yoga, one’s mind must be coordinated with the body’s movement. In this manner, the body experiences a harmonious activity that results in a forcible and healthy life.

Some of the categories of positions are standing, twisting, balancing, back bending, and many others. These positions are made to achieve alignment and balance as well as improve strength both in the body and in the mind.

However, these different poses are varied for different kinds of people which vary in flexibility, age, and strength. Some of the basic poses or Yoga asanas are corpse pose, mountain pose, and four-limb staff pose.


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