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"Life deals us many hard blows that we often don't expect. I admire the fact that someone like Stacey Chillemi was thrown a curve ball that may have knocked many of us down to the point where many of us may not have wanted to get back up, but she did. It wasn't easy but she possesses a determined spirit that won't let her give up. For that reason Stacey will go far and achieve whatever dreams she sets her mind to accomplish." -- Della Crews, Anchor/Talk Show Host, News 12, NJ

What the Media is Saying

Optimal Health Naturally With Stacey Chillemi!

June 1, 2016


Stacey Chillemi had some week!  On Monday, she met Arianna Huffington, editor-in-chief and owner of the Huffington post who promptly asked her if she would write a featured article and join her team as on of her bloggers on the Huffington post!  On Tuesday, Stacey …

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Phylis Feiner Johnson - Founder of

June 1, 2016

When I decided to begin an epilepsy library for reference, I was absolutely overwhelmed by the millions of books out there.

So, I went to Amazon, rolled the dice and ended up spending needless money on a lot of duds.

Don’t get me wrong, some were of value, but most were a waste of time.


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Inspired by her own battles,Chillemi wrote a book to give those coping with the disorder greater self esteem,hope and motivation. -- Lad - Star Ledger Newspaper

Stacey Chillemi is a mother of three, a wife and writer. Her journey and reason for being is defined each day by the happiness in her children's eyes and the people with epilepsy she has helped through her writing. -- Jenna Martin, Senior Editor,

Stacey Chillemi keeps a positive outlook when disorder poses challenge--KATHY BARATTA - Examiner

Epilepsy and Pregnancy

"The authors keep the practical and pragmatic in mind as they describe preconception counseling, fertility, risks, the pregnancy process itself, nutrition, labor and delivery, post-delivery, and breast feeding."--SciTech Book News (SciTech Book News for Epilepsy and Pregnancy)

Stacey Chillemi knows how defeating epilepsy can seem. -- Wyatt Olson - Epilepsy You're Not Alone

Epilepsy and Pregnancy

"Expertly co-authored by Stacey Chillemi and Blanca Vazquez...Epilepsy and Pregnancy provides a superb presentation for everything epileptic women must know about having children...truly, an invaluable reference for all women wishing for more information on the risks of childbirth and care with epilepsy."--Midwest Book Review

Stacey does not believe in self-pity. Stacey believes in helping herself and helping others with epilepsy in the process. -- Jo-Ann Reccoppa - Epilepsy You're Not Alone

Stacey was on their talk show New Jersey women sharing her experiences concerning epilepsy and her book. -- Kathleen Wells - Epilepsy You're Not Alone

Stacey has a different attitude about life. She is hoping to dispel some of the unfortunate myths. -- Regina Mcenery - Epilepsy You're Not Alone