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The Importance of Teaching Children About Epilepsy (Video)

December 6, 2015

The Importance of Teaching Children About Epilepsy (Video)

Teaching children about epilepsy is very important, especially if a parent or close relative suffers from the disorder. It is a good idea to teach the child or children what epilepsy is, on a level that they can understand. If a child were to experience a parent having a seizure without knowing what was happening, it could be downright terrifying for that child to see mom or dad convulsing and not know what was going on.
Children of all ages love to learn, and learning about a disorder that someone in the family has is no different. If the material is presented to them in a non frightening way, children can be very receptive and understanding. It is important to tell them what epilepsy is, what epilepsy looks like, and how a person seizing will soon be back to their regular self in a short matter of time. Children can be taught important steps to help a person who is seizing. Children can learn to call 911 (if necessary), they can make sure that there are no sharp objects near a person seizing, and to never put their hand or fingers near or in the mouth of a person seizing.
Help for Parents Teaching Children about Epilepsy
Stacey Chillemi is a woman who has suffered from epilepsy and decided to write a book to help teach children about the disorder. Her book is called My Mommy Has Epilepsy. When she showed the book to her son, he asked her if dads can also have epilepsy. That is when she decided to write another book teaching about epilepsy called My Dad Has Epilepsy. For those who may want to consider purchasing one or both books to help their children understand more about the disorder, they are available through most online book dealers as well as most traditional book stores.
While having a parent who has epilepsy can be frightening for any child, it doesnít have to be. Children are always eager learners and even the youngest can be taught ways in which to help or not get hurt inadvertently. Being open and honest with your child can bring a feeling of comfort to them, and with each potential seizure, a better understanding.

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